If you are interested in a Chez Waffle franchise we are looking for new family members.

We want operating partners that means that you are really interested in operating your franchise and being involved in its operation.

You need to have a lot of love for cooking and customer service.

The franchise cost starts from $250,000 pesos plus a % of sales that pays corporate costs and advertising.

You also need a commercial kitchen and equipment, but maybe you already have one so we can fit your restaurant.

There are no guarantees in business, but we are sure that we have an excellent product, incredible flavors and our market is growing every day, we just need someone to fall in love with our idea.

We will take you by the hand and explain how each recipe is cooked, what ingredients and suppliers you should use.

We can help you (if you want) in hiring staff, training, making schedules, tipping scheme and everything you require.

The decoration of the place is on your side but we help you until we create a Chez Waffle atmosphere.

Your franchise fees include the software to operate the restaurant and social media management.